Patrol Division

Patrol is the uniformed component of the police department.  It provides 24 hour, 7 day response to calls for service.  The average shift consists of 1 Sergeant and 4 to 6 patrol officers.  Services include traffic law enforcement, report taking, preliminary investigation, selected follow-up investigations, accident investigation, response to public disorder complaints.  Calls for service are prioritized based upon the seriousness and immediacy of a threat to life or property of the reported incident.

The Patrol Division is made up of a number of special teams including:


The Communications Center is composed of twelve communications officers who provide staffing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All calls for service requiring a response by police officers are routed through this unit.  These professionals are responsible for timely response of patrol officers based upon prioritization of calls for service.  Officers frequently require information to efficiently perform their duties and request this information from the communications officers.  The communications officers are responsible for providing support for as many as 18 or 20 officers during the daytime when detectives are working as well as support for non-sworn staff working in the field.

The Department employs a computer aided dispatch system that facilitates prioritization of calls for service, however the communications officers must access a number of database systems to respond to inquiries from officers.  These members are also call takers at various times of the day when records personnel are unavailable.  Monitoring other local police organizations, working in concert with fire and emergency medical services, providing direct support for Springfield Police Officers, responding to the needs of emergency calls, alarms and routine business, Communications Officers are the hub of the organization's activities.

Parking Enforcement

This unit provides service related to abandoned and illegally parked vehicles.  Unit members work cooperatively with the City's zoning, code and nuisance abatement personnel on problem areas within the City.  When reporting an abandoned vehicle, please keep in mind that at this time we only have one part-time Parking Enforcement Officer, so it may take some time to get to your complaint.


Springfield Animal Control

Since 1986 Springfield Animal Control has been patrolling the streets of Springfield in an effort to educate the citizens on the care and laws regarding their pets.  Animal Control handles calls from a dog at large to an intense investigation on animal cruelty.

Every effort is made to reunite a dog with its owner.  The best way to do this is to have your dog licensed.  All licensing is done by mail or in person at the Justice Center. All you have to do is obtain an application (or print it from this site!) and send it in with the rabies certificate and a spay/or neuter certificate (if applicable). You can now license your dog up to 3 years at time. The tags are now permanent, instead of getting new tags every year.

***Please note fees have recently changed - make sure you have the most up to date application (1 year price $16, etc.)***

The Animal Control Office is open from 8 to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

If you have lost or found a dog in Springfield, please call Animal Control at 541-726-3634.

To view current animals at the First Avenue Shelter, where any unclaimed dogs are transported, go to:

In order to minimize the number of unwanted pets, please be sure to spay or neuter your animal!


FAQ's About Dog Bites:

Q:        When does a dog bite need to be reported?

A:         Mandatory bite reporting is required only if the teeth make contact with the skin resulting in a break to the skin (as in a puncture).  If the bite makes contact with

             clothing such as a jacket and the teeth did not tear through the clothing to make skin contact, it is not considered a 'reportable bite.'


Q:        Will my dog be put down if I report it bit someone?

A:         This is dependent on the situation, but under most circumstances, no. Unless the dog fits the definition of a Vicious Dog, meaning the dog was not under control
             and off property it is allowed to be on, the owner will not be charged and the dog will not be seized or euthanized.


Q:        Do I have to report when my own dog bites me?

A:         Yes, for safety and legal reasons, you must report any bite incident.


Q:        What if I want to euthanize my own animal due to a bite?

A:         You must adhere to the 10 day quarantine process before any decision like that can be made. Once the quarantine is over, it is your decision and financial

             responsibility to euthanize the dog in a humane manner.


For more FAQs and information on dog bites, please visit Lane County Animal Service’s site HERE.

Reporting a Dog Bite:

To Report a Dog Bite that occurred in the City Limits of Springfield, please read the following information, and then when prepared, click the DOG BITE FORM link below to submit the information:

  • The following information is required to have on the DOG BITE FORM:
    • Name, Address & Current Phone Number of Victim
    • Date of Birth (Age) of Victim
    • Date & Time of the Bite Incident
    • Brief Nature of Injuries
    • Brief Description of Circumstances of Bite
    • If known, Owner of the Dog’s Name, Address & Current Phone Number
    • If known, Rabies Vaccination Expiration
    • If known, Dog’s Veterinary Clinic
    • Brief Description of the Dog if not known



Once this information is completed to the best of your ability, please press the gray “SUBMIT BY EMAIL” box.


School Resource Officers

The department has embarked on a new relationship with the School District, assigning an officer to each of the two high schools with the responsibility for providing enforcement, counseling and classroom instruction.  Officer Darin Vetter works at Thurston High School and Officer Eric Todd is assigned to Springfield High School.

Officer Lewis Officer Neiwert

City of Springfield, Oregon