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Pay Grade: 314

FLSA Status: Nonexempt

Bargaining Unit: IAFF

Benefits Summary


Exercises supervision over the personnel assigned to him in the operations of a engine or ladder company. Responds to emergencies with his company and effectively places men and equipment at the emergency scene and supervises the company's emergency activities. Is in charge of emergency scene until relieved by a superior officer. Supervises the activities and duties of a fire company including maintenance of fire department equipment, apparatus and quarters. Performs and supervises company training activities and fire prevention inspections. Does related work as required. Routine duties are performed independently. Works under the supervision of officers of a higher rank, who review work for effectiveness and conformance to departmental standards.

Examples of Principle Duties:

1. Serves as officer in charge of assigned personnel and apparatus at a designated station; enforces fire department rules and regulations as S.O.P.'s as pertaining to employees.

2. Shall be acquainted with topography, physical conditions, streets and other matters affecting response in the department's area of responsibility.

3. Shall be responsible for the proper uniform clothing/turnouts and proper placement of personnel on fire apparatus for maximum efficiency and safety.

4. Responds to emergencies, evaluates situation, determines method of attack and directs activities until relieved by a superior officer.

5. Sizes up fires or other emergency situation, calls additional alarms, and directs the work of all personnel on the fire ground until relieved by a superior officer.

6. Directs and assists in the raising of ladders, in hose lays, hose stretches and salvage operations. Uses extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, power plants and power tools, ropes, axes, rescue equipment and other tools.

7. Supervises and assists in forcible entry, ventilation, and rescue operations of the company.

8. Supervises and renders first aid and resuscitation as required; maintains an advanced first aid card or Oregon State EMT-1 certification.

9. Directs clean up work and overhaul after the fire has been extinguished and makes preliminary investigations of fires and gathers evidence to determine fire cause if possible.

10. Supervises the cleaning and maintenance of apparatus and equipment after an emergency, assuring its readiness for immediate future response.

11. Supervises fire prevention and public relations activities, including tours through stations, demonstrations and related activities.

12. Supervises and participates in the daily cleaning and maintenance of fire station, facilities, apparatus and equipment.

13. Supervises and participates in pre-fire survey of buildings and installations within a designated area. Prepares a floor plan locating therein important features, fixtures and apparatus that would be a value in fighting fire in the building. Refers fire hazards to the attention of the Fire Marshal.

14. Supervises, participates and assists with instruction of company training and drilling in compliance with designated departmental training procedures.

15. Supervises and participates in bi-annual hydrant testing and maintenance; maintains accurate records of the type, location and condition of all hydrants and service performed on them.

16. Prepares reports and keeps records as required by department policy; obtains all necessary information and fills out required emergency incident reports.

17. Attends conferences, schools, classes and various meetings to keep abreast of new developments and discoveries in fire behavior, fire fighting, fire prevention, personnel management, supervisory technique and knowledge.


General Knowledge, Ability, and Skills

Considerable knowledge of the principles, practices and procedures of modern fire fighting, fire prevention and the saving of lives and property. Knowledge of the geography of the City and surrounding areas including; location of streets, hydrants and other water sources, principal buildings, major fire hazards, City and district boundaries. Knowledge of the operation and maintenance of fire apparatus and equipment. Knowledge of the principles of hydraulics and applied to the fire service. Knowledge of the behavior of fire and the characteristics of flammable and hazardous materials. Ability to climb ladders, handle hose and lift heavy objects. Ability to work in high places and confined areas. Ability to endure heat and cold, and strenuous activity. Ability to lead men effectively, maintain discipline, promote harmony, exercise sound judgment, and to cooperate with other officers. Ability to establish and maintain good public relations.

Experience and Training

At least three years experience as a paid fireman. Graduation from a senior high school or equivalent. Preferably supplemented by advanced courses in fire science and fire fighting techniques.

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