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Springfield Historic Commission

Established in 1977, the Springfield Historic Commission serves to advance the identification, protection, preservation, education, and interpretation of Springfield’s cultural heritage and history.  As such, the Commission organizes projects and programs to encourage stewardship of the community’s historic assets.  The Commission also reviews development and restoration requests for all properties within the Washburne Historic District and for all properties on Springfield’s Landmark Inventory. 

What is Historic Preservation?

The history and identity of a community can be visually understood through its buildings and other cultural and environmental resources. Historic preservation seeks to preserve and protect significant physical and cultural resources at the national, regional, and local level in such a manner that future generations will be able to appreciate their value and importance. Historic preservation was recognized as an effort of national importance with the 1966 passage of the National Historic Preservation Act.

Why Preserve Old Properties?

Historic neighborhoods, including the nationally listed Washburne Historic District, and other historic landmark buildings in Springfield are an essential aspect of the city's history and character. These buildings demonstrate the development of the city over time, adding to the character and charm of Springfield and remain as a visual reference of the history of the people who have chosen to call it home.

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