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2018 Canines for Clean Water Calendar cover

Canine Calendar Contest

The City of Springfield is inviting YOU, Springfield residents, to enter your dogs for a chance to be in the 2019 Canines for Clean Water
Calendar! This year we’re seeking rescued and adopted dogs to enter, for the calendar theme of “Rescue the River.” Read all the contest details here.

Deadline to enter your dogs is 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 3. To enter, do one of the following:

1. Visit facebook.com/SpringfieldOR and post a photo of your dog along with #ScoopthePoop #SpringfieldOregon in the text. If your dog was adopted or recued, be sure to include where from.

2. Or, email a photo of your dog to WaterResources@springfield-or.gov and include in your email: #ScoopthePoop #SpringfieldOregon. If your dog was adopted or recued, be sure to include where from.

Many people may not realize pet waste left on the ground can get washed into storm drains, which lead directly to our local streams and rivers. Pet waste contains bacteria and parasitic organisms that, when washed into local waterways, can contaminate streams and rivers. When you enter the contest for a chance to have your dog featured in the calendar, you also pledge to keep our local waterways clean by always “scooping the poop.” Questions? Email us at WaterResources@springfield-or.gov


2018 Canines for Clean Water Calendar Dogs

The lucky dogs featured in the 2018 Canines for Clean Water Calendars are pictured below.

Sky, an 11-year-old Whippet, stands by a rain garden

Sky - January

Charley, a 14-year-old Cockapoo, poses by a street sweeper

Charley - February

Coco, a 5-year-old Pomeranian, strikes a pose by SUB's main office

Coco - March

Madison, a 1-year-old Bloodhound and Yellow Lab mix, poses by a storm drain

Madison - April

Ming, a Chinese Crested, and Tikka, a Miniature Pinscher, pose at a bioswale

Ming & Tikka - May

Rogue, a 6-month-old Cane Corso Mastiff, sits proudly by the Mill Race stormwater treatment pond

Rogue - June

Pre and Bryzzo, 3 year and 4 month old Golden Retrievers, sit along the Mill Race path

Pre & Bryzzo - July

Puggly, a 7-year-old Pug, strikes a pose amidst an alien-filled storm drain mural

Puggly - August

Cover dog Charlie, a 2-year-old pure bred German Shepherd, leaps midair by a pet waste station at Dorris Ranch

Charlie (Cover Dog) - September

Hazel, a 10-month-old Chihuaha mix, sits on Springfield's Clean Water Trailer

Hazel - October

Gracie, a 9-month-old Shepherd mix, sits pretty with her tongue hanging out

Gracie - November

Carson the Corgi poses in the sunshine, waterside at East Alton Baker Park

Carson - December


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