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Incident:                       Police negotiators and VA advocate pair to end standoff with troubled man.                              

Location:                        20th Street near D Street

Case Number:              17-9274                          

Date/Time:                     10-06-17 @ 5:20 p.m.             

More Information:       Lieutenant Scott McKee                       

Completed By:             Lieutenant Scott McKee


Springfield police were called to a home on 20th Street shortly after 3:pm today when a neighbor called to report a disturbed man with a knife at a home nearby.  When police arrived they found a 23 year old man inside his open garage holding a large knife to his own throat threatening suicide.  Officers, including a trained negotiator stood in the driveway speaking to the man who is a U.S. Army Veteran and told police he struggles with combat related post-traumatic stress. 


Springfield police sought assistance from a Veteran’s Administration Counselor identified by the man as his advocate.  The counselor was on-duty but in Eugene.  Springfield police asked Eugene police to emergency transport the counselor to the scene and they did.


A police negotiator was able to convince the man to put down and later hand over the knife, over a period of hours and with the support and assistance of the VA Counselor the man eventually submitted to a police directed mental health detention and evaluation. 




Springfield police listen to a disturbed man with a knife as they work toward an eventual peaceful ending to the two hours long standoff in a quiet neighborhood on 20th Street. 


Anyone with information is asked to call the Springfield Police Department at 541.726.3714.



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Incident:           Vehicle vs Pedestrian Accident

Location:          5000 block of Main St, Springfield, Oregon

Case Number: 17-9195        

Date/Time:       October 4, 2017 / 2109 hours

Additional Information: Lt. Scott McKee 

Completed By: Sgt. Mike McCarthy



PEDESTRIAN:  Hofman, Carol Ann   43 yrs of age, of Springfield


DRIVER:            Caron, Kristina Lynn   47 years of age, of Eugene


VEHICLE:          2004 Honda Pilot





            On October 4, 2017 at 9:09 pm Springfield Police and Fire Departments responded to the 5000 Block of Main St. regarding a pedestrian vs. vehicle accident. 


           According to witness statements, the vehicle had been traveling west on Main St. when it struck the pedestrian as she crossed Main St. in the marked crosswalk with the warning lights flashing.


The pedestrian was transported to Riverbend Hospital by ambulance and was being treated for multiple broken bones.  She remains in the Hospital in stable condition.


The ongoing investigation is being conducted by the Department’s Major Accident Investigation Team.  If anyone witnessed the accident or has any additional information they are asked to call the Springfield Police Department at 541-726-3714.



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Incident:                       Police seek public help in search for theft suspects who escaped after high-speed chase.                      

Location:                        Pioneer Parkway & Q Street

Case Number:              17-8953                          

Date/Time:                     09-28-2017 @ 3:25 p.m.         

More Information:       Lieutenant Scott McKee         

Completed By:             Lieutenant Scott McKee


A Springfield police officer spotted a suspicious man who appeared to be leaving the Safeway in a hurry with a Safeway carry-basket stuffed full of grocery items this morning at 11:40 a.m.  The officer had been on a routine patrol through the parking lot when he saw the man carrying the basket and then heard an employee call out to the officer to “go get him.” 


The officer pulled behind a vehicle the theft suspect had entered and turned on his emergency lights to pull the car over and the vehicle first drove slowly out of the parking lot and then rapidly sped away – eventually entering I 105 westbound before entering Interstate 5 northbound.  The 1999 Toyota Camry was occupied by three other people and the theft suspect was a passenger. 


The vehicle fled pursuing officers, eventually entering Hwy 99 and driving surface streets to West 11th Avenue and driving west through Veneta.  Officers continued to pursue the vehicle onto Hwy 126, but terminated their pursuit of the vehicle when speeds reached 114 MPH as the vehicle approached the City of Noti.  Officers determined the risk to the public outweighed the urgency to apprehend the fleeing suspects as they neared this densely populated small town nearing the time schools let out for the day. 


However, SPD’s pursuit of the suspects will continue and investigators have been assigned to evaluate store surveillance footage from Safeway and other potential locations in order to identify the four suspects in this case.


Suspect seen departing from the Safeway and entering the passenger seat of the suspect vehicle:  White male adult, 20’s, 508-509, thin build, blonde short hair.  Wearing jeans and a white t-shirt with visible tattoos on both arms. 



Locate vehicle:

ZWE645 (OR) 1999 Toyota Camry described as being brownish gray


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Man charged with attempted murder following dispute between step-brothers           

Location:                                      2285 53rd Street, Apartment 1

Case Number:                            17-8471            

Date/Time:                                   09/13/17 @ 8:50 P.M.

More Information:                     Lieutenant Scott McKee

Completed By:                           Lieutenant Scott McKee



A Springfield man remains in intensive care at Riverbend Hospital after he was severely wounded during an altercation inside the apartment he shares with his mother and step-brother.  Scott Martinez, age 51 of Springfield received more than one significant stab wound during a physical altercation with his step-brother inside the apartment.  His step-brother, Jeffrey Richard Flygare, age 50, is charged with Attempted Murder, Assault in the First Degree and Unlawful use of a Weapon. 


Police were called to the address shortly before 9:00 p.m. last night after neighbors called to report a dispute between two men and later a man suffering from an eviscerating abdominal wound lying in the parking lot.   When officers arrived, they found Martinez in the parking lot being attended to by neighbors.  Police were told Flygare was the assailant and that he had fled on foot.  Officers established a perimeter and a Springfield police K-9 tracked Fylyare to 5283 Cynthia Court in Springfield, where Flygare was found hiding within thick foliage against the outside of the residence at the address. 


Following a brief struggle, wherein Flygare was seized by the Police K-9, he was taken into custody. 


Martinez was transported by medic to Riverbend Hospital, where he underwent surgery and may face additional surgery for treatment of the life-threatening injuries he sustained during the assault. 


Investigators obtained a search warrant to process the crime scene and collect evidence related to the assault.  Residents within the dual-quad apartments, which share a common parking lot were all awakened by disturbance and investigators collected statements from all involved during the night. 

A recent mugshot of Flygare will be available on request from the Lane County Sheriff’s Office.


Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective George Crolly at the Springfield Police Department at 541.726.3714.



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Incident:                                       Speeder arrested after slow chase ends in crash                       

Location:                                    1990 17th Street

Case Number:                            17-8415            

Date/Time:                                   09/12/17 @ 5:38 a.m.

More Information:                     Lt. Scott McKee

Completed By:                           Lt. Scott McKee


Springfield police arrested a 25 year-old Springfield man following a brief slow-speed chase that ended in a crash.  An officer attempted to stop the late model Chevrolet Tahoe SUV after the vehicle was observed to be traveling 75 MPH in a 55 MPH speed zone westbound on Hwy 126 near 28th Street.  After pulling briefly to the curb at 19th & Q Street, the driver fled, leading the officer on a brief slow –speed pursuit before losing control and crashing in the front lawn to a residence at 1990 17th Street. 


Officers arrested Perry Dajon Henderson Jr. who suffered minor injuries after being thrown from the front into the backseat of the SUV during the rollover.  Officers pulled Henderson from the vehicle and detained him until medics arrived on scene.  Henderson is no stranger to Springfield police and has an extensive local driving and criminal record. 


The reckless vehicle entered a lawn, overturned and finally came to rest ontop of  a large stump, and came within feet of striking a home occupied by a small family, including two small sleeping children on 17th Street. 


Henderson is charged with

Eluding police in a vehicle

Driving while suspended (driver’s license)

Reckless Driving

Reckless endangering x3

Criminal Mischief II

Criminal Trespass II


Anyone with information is asked to call the Springfield Police Department at 541.726.3714.



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Incident:                                                 Theft by Deception 1

Location:                                                3300 Gateway Street, Springfield, OR

Case Number:                           17-8161                         

Date/Time:                                            09-05-17/1239 hours   

More Information:                   Lt. Scott McKee

Completed By:                          Sgt. Jeff Martin 09-06-17/1330 hours




On 09-05-17 at 1239 hours, SPD was contacted by a male advising his girlfriend was, at that time, in route to Best Buy to purchase gift cards due to a scam.  According to the caller she was convinced by scammers her deportation status was in jeopardy or that she would be arrested due to insufficient tax payments to the IRS. 


Springfield Police intercepted the female of Asian descent while driving her vehicle in the Gateway area while in the course of telephonic conversation with the scammers.  The scammers would not let the intended victim off the telephone while she drove to the location to purchase the gift cards, while in Best Buy to purchase the gift cards and even while SPD Officers affected a traffic stop upon her to intercede in the scam.  The young intended victim was then convinced she had been victimized by her would be scammers.


Due to quick actions by SPD Officers and Best Buy employees, the gift cards were terminated after the intended victim had provided the scammers with the account numbers. She was not financially victimized of the $5980.


The Springfield Police Department would like to stringently remind all Lane County residents that no law enforcement agency in this country would require anyone to purchase gift cards in an effort to keep anyone out of custody or to prevent an arrest.  It appears this scam was directed to a recent immigrant who would be sensitive to issues regarding their stay in our country.  It is also strongly recommended IF ONE FINDS THEMSELVES IN THESE SITUATIONS TO CONTACT LOCAL LAW ENFORCMENT FOR GUIDANCE.



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Incident:  Pedestrian Safety Education Operation     

Location: Springfield / Eugene

Case Number: N / A

Date/Time September 8th, 2017

Completed By: Officer Tom Speldrich – Springfield PD                                            


The Springfield Police Department will be conducting a Pedestrian Safety Education Operation on Friday September 8th, 2017.  The safety operation will occur utilizing the marked crosswalks on Jasper Rd near the following schools:  Agnes Stewart Middle School, Douglas Gardens Elementary and Mt. Vernon Elementary.  The hours will be from approximately 8:00am to 10:00am and 1:30pm to 3:30pm.  Efforts will include education parents, students and drivers on crosswalk safety. 


In 2016 72 pedestrians lost their lives to fatal traffic crashes on Oregon roadways.  5 of these deaths occurred in Lane County.    


The focus of this week’s operation is to raise pedestrian safety awareness and to educate the public of pedestrian safety laws.  With the use of a decoy pedestrian, the department hopes to raise awareness of drivers and pedestrians alike through education.  The focus will be education and not enforcement, therefore officers will be handing out educational material rather than citations for pedestrian safety and crosswalk violations. 


Warning signs will be posted conspicuously warning drivers and pedestrians that they are entering the safety education zones.


Funding for pedestrian safety education operations is made possible through a grant from Oregon Impact and the Oregon Department of Transportation.  For more information contact the Springfield Police Department Traffic Team at 541-726-3714.  Lt. Scott McKee will be available for media inquiries during the event, please attempt to make arrangements beforehand if possible.

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Incident:                         CHETT Pet Emergency Vet Fund to help Springfield pets in need                               

Location:                        230 4th Street, Springfield

Case Number:                                         

Date/Time:                     06/23/17 @ 1230         

More Information:       Lieutenant Scott McKee         

Completed By:             Lieutenant Scott McKee


Springfield police are going public today with their CHETT Pet Emergency Vet Fund for the emergency veterinary treatment of injured domestic pets in Springfield.  City of Springfield employees have contributed to a donation box for weeks to build an initial start-up donation to kick off the fund and now the fund has been established and the police department is ready to accept donations.


Last week at the Springfield police sponsored regional K-9 Competition, the McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers group of Springfield made a surprise donation to the fund after learning of the developing program and wanting to be among the first to donate.  The group presented a check in the amount of $10,000 to the Springfield police department CHETT Pet Emergency Vet Fund. 


Funds from the CHETT Pet Emergency Vet fund will be used by the Springfield police department to help meet the emergency veterinary treatment needs and costs of treatment for companion animal pets that are lost, found, abandoned or feral at the time of their injury in Springfield.


The fund will help enable police and Springfield Emergency veterinary staff to create humane treatment decisions for pets injured within the City of Springfield.   


The CHETT Pet Emergency Vet Fund was conceived in memory of the late Chester Martin, the namesake behind the CHETT (Community Help Easing Troubled Times) Program.  Chester Martin was a pet lover and had his own companion animal – Lucky, who was at his side when he died in 2016. 


Under the program, employees who identify a companion animal pet in need of emergency or critical veterinary treatment, they will notify the on-duty police watch commander, who will assess the proposed or contemplated treatment of the pet and consult with veterinary staff.   On agreement the watch commander will use their City of Springfield purchasing card to address the immediate expense.  Additional consideration will be given to any ongoing treatment costs as well as the amount of funds available within the fund at the time the request is made.   


Consideration will also be given to the likelihood of favorable outcomes.  These considerations may include the age of the pet, the expected quality of life for the pet, and the temperament of the pet with respect to suitability for adoption once medically stable.     


The Watch Commander will then complete an invoice for the services rendered and reconcile the purchase to the CHETT Pet Emergency Vet Fund.  Generally, individual applications of funds will not exceed $400 per incident.  But supervisors may exceed this limit if circumstances indicate the exception.

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December 28, 2015

Contact:  Tiffany Monroe

(541) 726-3721


SPD to use


The Springfield Police Department is pleased to announce a way for you to view crime incidents in Springfield through, a crime mapping service.


The map is updated daily to show the block location of incidents that have been reported to our agency.  It does not include the exact address, sensitive crimes, traffic stops, information calls, welfare checks, outside agency assists, etc.


Citizens can search the site by address, date or type of crime they want to know about.  Data can be searched for up to 6 months prior.  Victim identification is removed as part of the data publishing process but incident descriptions and case numbers are available should a citizen want to request a copy of a report.  Additionally, integrated mapping also allows users to view sex offender information. (This information is from the State of Oregon Sex Offender Inquiry System – only Level 3 offenders or sexually violent dangerous offenders are listed – for more info see )


The site is free to the public and user may keep up with reported crime in their area by signing up for email crime alerts.


Other local jurisdictions reporting through this service include Eugene, Junction City, Cottage Grove, Lebanon, Albany, Corvallis, and Salem. is a web-based service and is not part of the City of Springfield or the Springfield Police Department.


We hope you find this service useful.


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Incident:              New Community Assistance Program      


Date/Time:         December 16, 2015


Completed By: Lieutenant Scott McKee   726-3691



Springfield police, acting on the suggestion of a Springfield citizen and retired veteran of the United States Coast Guard have established a fund for citizens to contribute money to help ease troubled times for those in temporary need of assistance. 

The CHETT Program (Community Help Easing Troubled Times) is a funding stream consisting of monies donated by the community intended to provide resources to meet the short-term emergency needs of the most vulnerable in Springfield.  Funds from the account are to be used for victims of crime, those displaced by crime or critical incident (including innocent family members of perpetrators), or people in the community with little hope or few options.   Examples of uses could include, but are not limited to; meals, lodging, transportation, crime scene damage repair, and/or other immediate short term emergency assistance. 

The CHETT program is the result of a citizen inquiry from Chester (Chet, wife Carolyn) Martin, a retired U.S. Coast Guard veteran and Springfield resident, who contacted the Springfield police wanting to contribute funds to the Springfield Police Department to be used by officers to help VETS and others in need of temporary assistance in circumstances of crisis or critical need. 

Chet and Carolyn Martin made their initial $700 donation today at the Springfield Justice Center and encourage others to give what they can so police can provide short term assistance at times of critical need to those who may have little hope or few options.  

Officers are now encouraged to consider these funds as a benevolent resource to be used to assist those in critical or emergent temporary need. 

Officers/employees who identify a person in need of short-term emergency or critical assistance will notify the watch commander, who will assess the proposed or contemplated usage of funds and on approval will use their City of Springfield purchasing card to address the immediate expense.  The expense will then be reconciled to the CHETT program fund.  


For further information contact Lieutenant Scott McKee at 541-726-3691






INCIDENT: Missing Person                                          


CASE # 13-4430


LOCATION: Springfield


DATE/ TIME: May 21, 2013


MISSING PERSON: Redmon, Rocky Evan 25 year old white male of Springfield




NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT:  The Springfield Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in locating Rocky Evan Redmon.  Mr. Redmon is described as a white male 5’ 8” and approximately 140 pounds.  He has brown hair and blue eyes.  Mr. Redmon was reported missing on May 3rd, 2013 and has not been heard from since.  He has no motor vehicle, but his bicycle is unaccounted for.  Anyone with information in this case is urged to notify the Springfield Police Department.


The investigation is continuing.




NEWS RELEASE COMPLETED BY: Sgt. David Lewis 726-3721







INCIDENT: Missing Person                                                                  CASE:  13-4207


LOCATION: South 35th Street, Springfield


DATE/ TIME:  April 26, 2013. 2300 hrs.


Missing Person: Smith, Carl Lynn.  76 year old White Male.



NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT: On the above listed date and time Carl Smith was reported missing from his residence on South 35th Street in Springfield.  He was reported missing by his wife, who told police that Mr. Smith is suffering from the onset of dementia.  Mr. Smith insisted on going for a walk and has not been seen since.  He does not have access to a vehicle and has no other relatives in the area.


Carl Lynn Smith is described as being a 76 year old white male, 5’10” 177 pounds with collar length gray hair and hazel eyes.  He was last seen wearing a black coat, blue jeans, blue and gray tennis shoes and a camouflage baseball hat.  According to his wife, Mr. Smith has a heart condition and takes regular medication for a thyroid issue.


Anyone who has information on the possible whereabouts for Mr. Smith is encouraged to contact the Springfield Police Department.   


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT:  Sgt. David Lewis 726-3721 or 729-2310



NEWS RELEASE COMPLETED BY: Sgt. David Lewis 726-3721



City of Springfield, Oregon