Springfield Planning Division Land Use Applications and Fee Schedule

The following are the most commonly used applications. Please contact our office at (541) 726-3753 for copies of other applications. Applications are in Microsoft Word 2003 and Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). Free Acrobat Reader download is available here:


*PLEASE NOTE: March 2011: We recently adjusted our submittal requirements, reducing the number of plan sets required, for many of our applications. Before submitting an application, please carefully review the submittal requirements. Call the Planning Division if you have any questions.



Accessory Dwelling Unit 1.1.08 (Word) (PDF)
Amendment of Refinement Plan Text and/or Diagram 12.10.08 (Word) (PDF)
Annexation Packet 10.27.10 (Word) (PDF)
Appeals 1.07.09 (Word) (PDF)
Campus Industrial Pre-Certification 12.10.08 (Word) (PDF)
Conceptual Development Plan 3.10.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Development Code Amendment (Word) (PDF)
Development Issues Meeting (DIM) 3.20.08 bj (Word) (PDF)
Discretionary Use 1.1.08 (Word) (PDF)

Discretionary Use Fences 1.1.08 (Word) (PDF)
Drinking Water Protection Overlay District Development 1.15.09 (Word) (PDF)
Drinking Water Protection Application Exemption Request 1.1.09 (Word) (PDF)
Non-Profit Affordable Housing Providers 11.10.09 (Word) (PDF)
Floodplain Development 1.1.08 (Word) (PDF)
Hillside Overlay District Development 2.25.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Historic Review 1.16.09 (Word) (PDF)
Interpretation 1.9.09 (Word) (PDF)
Major Replat Plat 6.15.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated July 2011*
Major Replat Tentative Plan 6.06.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated July 2011*
Major Variance 2.25.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Manufactured Dwelling Park 2.25.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Manufactured Dwelling Park Space Line Adjustment 3.10.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Master Plan Approval -Preliminary 2.25.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Master Plan Review - Final 2.25.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Master Plan Modification 3.10.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Metro Plan Amendment 1.03 (Word) (PDF)
Minimum Development Standards Minor 2.27.12 (Word) (PDF)
Minimum Development Standards Major 2.27.12 (Word) (PDF)
Minor Replat Plat 6.06.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated July 2011*
Minor Replat Tentative Plan 6.06.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated July 2011*
Minor Variance 2.25.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Non-Conforming Use Expansion Modification 1.1.08 (Word) (PDF)
Pre Application Report 3.10.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Property Line Adjustment 6.02.11 (Word) (PDF)*Updated July 2011*
Serial Property Line Adjustment6.06.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated July 2011*
Solar Access Guarantee 2.25.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Temporary Use - Emergency Medical Hardship (Word) (PDF)
---Income Requirements-Fee Waiver-Emergency Medical Hardship (Word) (PDF)
Temporary Use - Manufactured Dwelling 7.31.09 (Word) (PDF)
Time Extension Request - 120-Day Waiver 11.19.08 (Word) (PDF)
Time Extension Request - Improvement and Submittal 1.1.08 (Word) (PDF)
Tree Felling Permit 1.1.08 (Word) (PDF)
Vacation 3.10.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Vacation - PUE 3.10.11 (Word)
(PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Variance - Floodplain 2.25.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Willamette Greenway Overlay District Development 1.1.08 (Word) (PDF)
Zoning Map Amendment 7.19.07 (Word) (PDF)

Current Fee Schedule - Effective August 1, 2010
User Friendly Fee Schedule with Links to Applications
*Updated April 18 2012*

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(Please Note: For Subdivision Tentative and Plat, Subdivision Replat Tentative and Plat, Partition Tentative and Plat, or Partition Replat Tentative and Plat, please use the Land Division Application form below.)

Land Division Plat Type I 11.20.09 (Word) (PDF)
Land Division Tentative Type II 2.17.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*

(Please Note: For Site Plan Modification Major use the Site Plan Application form below.)

Site Plan Review 2.27.12 (Word) (PDF)
Final Site Plan Review 1.1.08 (Word) (PDF)
Site Plan Review Minor Modifications 2.25.11 (Word) (PDF) *Updated March 2011*
Final Site Plan Equivalent Map 1.1.08 (Word) (PDF)

You may need one of these forms in conjunction with a Planning Application

Easement - Individual (updated Jan 2012)
Easement - Corporation
(updated Jan 2012)
Improvement Agreement - Individual (updated Jan 2012)
Improvement Agreement - Corporation
(updated Jan 2012)
Public Utility Easement - Individual (updated Jan 2012)
Public Utility Easement - Corporation
(updated Jan 2012)

Encroachment/Placement Application (edited 11.1.2011)
Traffic Control Plan Form (8.17.2011)

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