Inspection Request Line
AM or PM Requests
Appointments for inspection request cannot be taken, however, A.M. Morning or P.M. Afternoon request are available and will be accomodated to the extent possible.
Inspectors are available by telephone between 8:00am and 9:00am and depending on the volume of inspections from approximately 3:30pm to 4:30pm. To contact an inspector call (541)726-3753.
    Inspection Request Procedures
    All inspection requests MUST BE RECEIVED prior to 7:00am on the day the inspection is needed. Requests received after 7:00am will be scheduled for the next business day. Inspection requests must contain the following:
      Date of Inspection Request
        AM or PM preference or concrete pour time if applicable.
      Permit Number
        Also referred to as City-designated job number.
      Site Address
        This is the job site location for the inspection request.
      Type of Inspection
        Tell us what kind of inspection you are requesting.
    Inspection Result Abbreviations
      BWOP - Built without permit
      CWOI - Covered without inspection
      IO - Information only
      NOK - Not approved
      NR - Not ready
      OK - Approved
      POK - Partial approval
      TO - Temporary Occupancy
      UGE - Unable to gain entry
      WIR - Wrong inspection requested
      IRC - Inspection request cancelled
      c/n in the notes indicates the inspector left a correction notice
City of Springfield, Oregon