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houseThe City of Springfield collaborates with several agencies to provide permanent, new affordable rental and homeownership housing.  These units meet stringent Housing Quality Standards established by HUD and are available to low- and very low-income households.  Some units are reserved for persons with developmental and/or physical disabilities.  The City also provides support for agencies who acquire housing in less than ideal condition, completely renovate the structure using new, energy efficient materials and construction methods and provide safe, comfortable, and affordable rental or ownership housing to low-income families.  In addition, the City supports low- and very-low income homeowners with the following programs:

Springfield Home Ownership Program.  The Springfield Home Ownership Program (SHOP) was created to encourage home ownership in Springfield by assisting Low-Income residents with the first-time purchase of a home.  The City can loan up to $7,000 toward the down payment and related costs of buying a qualified home in Springfield.  The loan is interest-free and repayment is generally not required until the home is sold, refinanced, or transferred.  The buyer must contribute at least 50 percent of the minimum down payment required by the primary lender.  

Springfield Home Improvement Program.  The Springfield Home Improvement Program (SHIP) was created to help Low-Income homeowners maintain the condition of their home by providing zero-interest, deferred payment loans up to $18,600 for repairs including, but not limited to: heating; roofing; painting; doors; windows; dry rot; foundation; electrical; weatherization; plumbing; structural; and handicap access.  The home must be owner-occupied and must be located within the Springfield City Limits.  The loan is deferred until the home is sold, refinanced, deeded away, or is no longer the principle residence of the applicant. 

Emergency Home Repair Program.  This program provides Emergency Home Repair (EHR) services to Very Low-Income Springfield homeowners.  Repairs must be urgent in nature, meaning that the condition to be repaired must pose an immediate health or safety hazard to the occupant or will cause significant decay to the structure if left unabated.  Up to $2,000 is available to a household over a five-year period for urgent home repairs that will enhance health, safety, or accessibility.  All work is performed by licensed and bonded contractors hired and paid by the City.  IMPORTANT: The City is unable to pay for any work that was not approved and ordered by EHR program staff.

CHORE Home Maintenance Program.  The purpose of the CHORE Program is to aid qualified Very Low-Income Springfield seniors and disabled homeowners in caring for themselves at home by providing assistance with home and yard maintenance that is beyond their physical and financial ability.  This program provides up to $250 per year in home and yard care services provided by licensed and bonded contractors hired and paid by the City.  Examples of services include: mowing lawns; raking leaves; trimming shrubs and trees; washing exterior windows; cleaning rain gutters; hauling yard debris; install/remove storm windows; de-mossing roofs and walkways; cleaning up after windstorms; and other safety/maintenance issues.  As a result of reductions to the federal budget all funding for the CHORE Program has been exhausted.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program.  This program provides one-time emergency assistance to Very Low-Income residents facing eviction for non-payment of rent.  Households must meet strict eligibility requirements.  As a result of reductions to the federal budget all funding for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program has been exhausted.

Additional Resources
Springfield Home Maintenance Guide.  Download this handy home maintenance manual that provides tips on how to perform basic home repairs and maintenance. Adobe Reader is required to view this file.  You may download a free version of Adobe Reader here.)\

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How to Apply

  1. Review the HUD income limits to determine if you or someone you know is eligible for these programs. 
  2. Determine whether your home is within Springfield’s City Limits.
  3. Eligible Springfield residents must complete an Application Form and return it to the City, along with income and/or disability documentation.
  4. Please note that funding for all programs is limited, and clients are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Questions? Contact Us!


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